Annual Report
Amnesty International Annual Report highlights human violence. It takes you through a shapeless room created by the many intersecting forms. The number shifts across the pages as you flip through the report. I redesigned an annual report based on one word: TORTURE. Each shape captures a place in this annual report, creating many non-specific rooms that slowly disappear as the reader turns the page. 
Infinite Scroll
Infinite scroll is a scrollable electronic publication that holds information on one or more files. Within this endless scroll, I teach people about Japanese calligraphy. I inform the reader about the techniques, different styles, and even how to write it correctly. It shows repetitive symbols as well as introducing other factors to viewers, all the while maintaining both elegance and information.
Taglines are simple and easy to read; they are the significant points to what a product is trying to convey. The tagline's support the image. Each motto has to stand out on its own as it raises the quality of the image. The main factor is balance and coexistence between both the pictures and the type. 
Wine Labels 
Wine Labels are what decorates the outer bottle featuring a picture and the information necessary to tell the buyers. Here are two hand-drawn ink labels that depict and evoke an oriental atmosphere. I was going for a very aesthetic effect, which would make the labels stand on their own when placed on the shelves.
I-Phone Backgrounds 
I-Phone Backgrounds are designs based on unique images or shapes that people could potentially buy off the app store. These backgrounds created with geometric shapes and exciting colors over patterns were eye-catching, allowing the designs and the phone to compliment each other.
Opera Posters 
Opera Posters depict stories that occur in the opera house. I focused on creating an abstract construction of the underlying meaning of each play in these posters. I wanted to give a hint of truth on what each show was about without exposing the story.
Senior Work / Client Work
All of my Senior Work / Client Work was created during my senior year. The first being a video game cover for my senior project, as one of my many deliverables. While the other is a poster advertising an event happening at the Jewish Community Center, sponsored by Mohawk Honda. 
Kinetic Type 
Kinetic Type is where we take a section of a movie or a play and write out the lines spoken. In this project, I aimed for bold type and differentiation in size. I achieved this by making type move and pop up in exciting ways on screen.
Motion Reel 
Motion Reel is a reel that consists of a moving logo, a parallax, and finally movie and TV transitions. My motion reel is based on a video game's motion reel. I was trying to keep the upbeat tune as well as a suspenseful atmosphere.
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